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HR Benefits Program


What you need to know

This a unique opportunity to add a great benefit to your employees. With the high cost of benefits today, this program can add great value to your benefit package. The best news is that there is no cost to you! We would only ask that you forward our newsletter via email to your employees once a month to remind them of their benefit. This newsletter will also keep your employees updated on the current market.

We offer informal drop in sessions to provide your employees answers to any questions they might have about real estate face-to-face. This could be done over a lunch hour for instance. We would be available to them as they took their lunch break. We can schedule a more formal session or present at a staff meeting. We can educate your employees on the market, financing, investing, renting vs. owning, etc.

That is not all! Your customers are also eligible to receive these benefits. Imagine the reaction and appreciation from your employees and customers when you save them hundreds of dollars. Let’s get started today with this great program.


The most impressive benefit is 10% of the Realtor's® commission will be given back to you for use with your closing costs and pre-pays. We believe home ownership is very important and are willing to help you achieve this goal. On a typical $360,000 home purchase or sale this would be over $1000. That is no small benefit!


Our preferred lender will purchase a home warranty for you, the buyer, to give you peace of mind when you move in.


With knowledge of the market and neighborhoods, you will have a trusted, valuable asset on your team. There will be a sea of disclosures, contracts, counters, inspections, an appraisal, comparable properties, paperwork, negotiations, amendments, etc. that will need to be handled. Your Realtor® is trained and has the experience to handle all the steps to purchase your home. In most cases, the seller, not the buyer, pays the commission to the Realtor®.


Updated comparable data and a pulse on the market will give you the benefit and edge when listing your home. Just like when buying, there is a myriad of paperwork and negotiations to navigate. Your Realtor® is there to advise and walk you through the complete process. It is important to price, stage, market and show your home at the highest level. We are here for you!


Through our preferred lender we can offer you the quality services you need to purchase or refinance your home. With a wealth of experience, they can answer all your questions and discuss the potential programs available to you.


You will receive the best customer service the industry has to offer. You will be a VIP client with access to a Realtor® whenever you need. This quality service will be personalized to meet your unique needs. With this program, you will receive expert advice and assistance whether you are selling or buying.

We will provide home evaluations, timely and scheduled market analysis, an electronic newsletter, and assistance determining your financial situation when it comes to buying and selling. You are always just a call away from getting all your questions answered. This program will get you started on the path to home ownership.